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INCS Thanks Dr. Janice Jackson for Her Service to Chicago’s Students

Posted on: May 3, 2021

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools congratulates Dr. Janice Jackson on her tenure leading Chicago Public Schools as its Chief Executive Officer during one of the most challenging times for public education in our city. Over the past four years, Dr. Jackson led with integrity, honesty, and a strong commitment to putting Chicago’s families and students first. She never shied away from the tough decisions and challenges facing our district and remained focused on providing high-quality public schools for students in every neighborhood.

Dr. Jackson leaves CPS having experienced every part of the district from a student, teacher, parent, district leader, and CEO. Her focus, dedication, and commitment to Chicago families was always clear and her impact on Chicago’s children will endure for generations. Dr. Jackson leaves a positive mark on our city’s public education system, and the charter community was proud to partner with her in this effort. INCS thanks her for her deep commitment to equity, dedication to families, and for advancing public education for every student in Chicago.


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