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INCS is committed to creating systematic change to ensure charter school students are provided access to a high-quality education.

INCS Priorities

Thanks to advocates like you, INCS has achieved three of its five legislative priorities, allowing for greater autonomy, flexibility and equity.
Secure charter funding equity

Narrows the Per Capita Tuition Charge (PCTC) range from 75 to 125 percent to 97 to 103 percent, which means students who choose a charter school are treated equitably and are subject to fewer limitations due to diminishing resources.

Establish an independent authorizer

Creates and protects the Illinois Charter School Commission, the state's only alternative authorizer of schools that serves as a checks and balance system to ensure fair treatment of our state’s most vulnerable students and charter schools.

Extend charter renewal terms

Increases the renewal period from five to 10 years for high-performing charter schools with proven track records of academic success and reinstates the Charter Schools Revolving Loan Fund to alleviate start-up financial burdens.

Together, let's strive to accomplish the remaining priorities.
Facilities access and support

Demands fair access to facilities funding, enabling charter schools to redirect their finances to better meet student needs.

Eliminate charter cap

Increases the ability of charter schools to serve more students in need of high-quality educational opportunities.

This legislative session, INCS is working to:

Preserve the Commission and establish an alternative authorizer. The Commission is the only appeals route schools have if wrongfully denied by their local district. Help us create an alternative authorizer to support charter schools through a direct application.

Champion for facilities access and support so that more money is allocated to the classroom instead of facilities costs, which district-run schools do not have to pay.

Collaborate with the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund to create policies that limit funding practices that siphon money from the classroom and prevent high-quality paraprofessionals and special education talent from accessing charter classrooms.

Our City Work

INCS engages with City Council members, the Mayor’s Office, the Chicago Board of Education, and other entities to drive forward policies that benefit our member schools and their families.

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