Southland College Prep Charter High School

Grades Currently Served CPS Rating
9 - 12 Not Applicable

Southland College Prep opened its doors in August 2010 to 121 students in 9th grade. Southland College Prep’s promise was to provide a college prep curriculum for all its students and fully prepare them for the next level of education – college. Beyond serving students and their families with a rigorous academic program and rich complement of extra-curricular activities, Southland’s goal was to prove the possible. Southland set out to defy expectations for its predominantly African American community and demonstrate that 100 percent of students would be accepted to the four-year higher education institution of their choice.
Southland College Prep’s vision in 2010 remains visible today: To create and refine a model that can be replicated throughout the nation which establishes a new standard of excellence in academic achievement and college success for our students.
Now in its eighth year, Southland has grown to serve 530 students and has demonstrated remarkable success. Most notably, 100 percent of its first five graduating classes were accepted to college. Together the students in the five graduating classes were offered more than $102 million in merit-based scholarships. Southland students have been accepted to 38 of the U.S. News & World Report’s Top 50 Colleges, including seven of the eight Ivy League institutions.