UChicago Charter School – Woodlawn (UCW)

Grades Currently Served CPS Rating
6 - 12 Level 2+

UChicago Charter’s Woodlawn Campus offers priority admission to students who live in the surrounding community for which it was named. A strong school-community relationship is essential to making the Woodlawn campus a great school for youth and their families. Woodlawn provides a variety of opportunities for students to contribute to their communities through research, service, and leadership.
The UChicago Charter School’s Woodlawn Campus is distinguished by an integrated middle and high school campus that establishes college-going mindsets and habits beginning in the 6th grade; committed, skilled educators who inspire students to excel through engaging instruction that draws upon students’ cultural backgrounds and lived experiences to develop knowledge and skills of value outside of the classroom; Advanced Placement courses in Statistics, Biology, Language Arts, and Literature; expert use of literacy, mathematics, and science assessments to measure students’ progress and tailor instruction and supports to each student’s academic needs and so much more.
UCW has one of the highest college persistence rates of any non-selective high school in the city of Chicago.