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INCS Response to Strike Authorization Votes

Posted on: April 11, 2019

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) is disappointed that the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has issued strike authorization votes at Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy High School, Instituto Justice and Leadership Academy Charter School, Youth Connection Charter School – Latino Youth High School, and Youth Connection Leadership Academy.

A strike places significant burdens on children, parents and families, as well as teachers—educators who work hard to create safe and productive learning environments. The safety of students and staff along with maintaining a stable, high-quality learning environment remains a top priority for the charter public school community. INCS therefore calls on the CTU to work towards a reasonable resolution, enabling all involved to shift their collective energy to the priorities that matters most—children.

If the CTU was sincere about doing what’s best for children, it would prevent strikes. The union could accomplish much more by supporting legislation in Springfield that provides fair funding, enabling charter public schools to meet the needs of their educators and improve communities. Instead of being part of the solution, the CTU has officially opposed such legislation for years.

INCS hopes for continued good-faith negotiations so that students can remain in their classrooms.