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Throughout the past year and a half, charter public schools have fought harder for their students than ever before. Not only did they lead the way in remote learning, reporting extraordinary student engagement, but they supported their families with meals, rent assistance, and counseling in the face of hardship. Educating our state’s historically underserved students, charter public schools continuously achieve strong academic results and are graduating and sending high school students to college in record numbers despite unprecedented challenges. Deeply rooted in the communities they serve, charter public schools work toward, and achieve, great outcomes for students.



The Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) exists to build a strong charter community through intensive support and rigorous advocacy efforts. We ensure that charter public schools have the resources necessary to provide a high-quality education to students and serve their communities. By creating the conditions in which charter public schools thrive, so too will their students thrive. We humbly ask you to join in this endeavor to grow our community of supporters and raise funds to expand our work.


Each gift we receive will be funneled directly into school and community support, helping sponsor:

Teacher Leadership Cohort logo

Professional development through our Teacher Leadership Cohort, enabling teachers to advocate effectively for their students and schools

Charter Leader Affinity Groups

Training sessions and convenings on timely topics including Pre-K programming, data, operations, and communications to ensure charter school leaders have the tools and information necessary to run great schools

Nonprofit Leadership Training Program

Governance training for charter school board members – knowledgeable and engaged boards play a crucial role in strengthening school communities

New Leader Orientation Series

Leadership and advocacy training through the New Leader Orientation Series to support new school leaders as they navigate the unique challenges presented by these roles

Community Leaders for Change

The development of future civic leaders through Community Leaders for Change, our newest initiative, that supports emerging leaders who believe in the positive impact of charter schools and want to serve their communities

Future Leaders Fellowship

Mentoring opportunities through our Future Leaders Fellowship to help prepare charter high school students for post-secondary education and beyond

Your gift can make an impact in the lives of students. Join our community and please consider donating today. 



If you have any questions or would like to learn more about INCS’ work, feel free to reach out to Elizabeth Salmonowicz at or 312.690.2705.