INCS Nonprofit Leadership Training Program

Welcome to the INCS Nonprofit Leadership Training Program.

INCS is here to support Illinois board members to complete their required board governance training. Board members in their first year of service must complete four hours of governance training and two hours of training in each subsequent year. The requirement is in state statute. You can find the language of the law at Public Act 101-0291.

Here at INCS, we are committed to supporting board members to meet this requirement with the highest quality training. INCS is a certified trainer and stands ready to help Illinois’ 600 charter board members to fulfill this requirement.

There are four primary ways that INCS can help board members to satisfy the training requirement:

  • Free trainings
  • Online modules for purchase
  • 4-hour governance academy
  • A list of five INCS-approved board trainers with whom boards can contract for customized training.
Free trainings (each will count towards one hour of training)

Making the Most of Our Time Together – Tuesday, February 7 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm CT

This session will focus on how board members individually and collectively can prepare for and participate in effective charters school board meetings. Genita Robinson, attorney, board training consultant and charter school veteran, will talk us through what goes into setting the agenda, how to facilitate a good discussion, and what questions should be top of mind for board members at every meeting. Board Chairs, in particular, would benefit from this session. RSVP to Allison. Link is here.

Growing Your Board Thoughtfully: A session specifically for single site charters interested in expanding their boards strategically

While all Illinois charter school board members are invited to this session, INCS and the Lumen Impact Group have created this session to dig deep into how a board can do a self assessment and determine the skills, expertise and experience they need in future board members. The session will also cover the on-the-ground tactics for vetting and recruiting new board members. All are welcome but we want to be clear that this session is focused on smaller boards interested in growing. Please sign up here.

Ed Board Partners Online Modules

Through this partnership with Ed Board Partners, INCS is pleased to offer webinars and online modules for purchase. Participants can either watch the session live or the recording. If you watch the recording, you will have to take a short quiz to satisfy the training requirement. The cost is $50 per board member for two sessions. New board members who need to take four hours of training will cost $100.

The INCS Nonprofit Leadership Training Program Online Modules in the online library include:

  • Financial Accountability: Show me the money
  • Onboarding New Board Members
  • Great Schools Need Great Boards: Gauging Board Effectiveness
  • Academic Oversight & Committee Operations: Staying Focused on the Board’s Bottomline
  • School Leaders Need Love Too: School Leader Evaluation and Support
  • Bringing a Race and Equity Lens to the Boardroom
  • Fundraising, Friendraising & Financial Sustainability
  • Goal Setting and Prioritizing Data

Please email Allison if you are interested in purchasing the modules.

2022 Board Governance Academy – October
INCS will be holding this training online over two days in October where we will bring in professional board trainers who will go over the primary roles of charter board members and strategies and tactics for effective board governance. This session is targeted for new board members and will be especially helpful as part of new board members onboarding into their roles. We offer a special welcome for parent board members. We will only host this event if at least 50 board members sign up. $100 per person. Fill out this form if you are interested; registration will close September 30.

INCS-approved board trainers

INCS has identified five INCS Nonprofit Leadership Training Program-approved partners that schools & networks can contract with to provide customized trainings.

Please feel free to reach out to the trainers directly. INCS staff will work with the trainers to obtain proof of training.

ISBE Board Training Approved Providers

ISBE also has a list of approved quality providers of board governance training. The providers on this list offer the required trainings for Illinois district board of education members but are also approved to train charter board members. The list can be found at this link.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Allison Jack at INCS with any questions.