Teacher Leadership Cohort

The Teacher Leadership Cohort (TLC) has launched.

To build the capacity of charter public school teachers to advocate for themselves, their students and their schools, INCS has created the Teacher Leadership Cohort or TLC.  The TLC aims to support the commitment and drive of charter teachers by providing leadership development opportunities to help them to amplify their critical voices.

The TLC will include six professionally moderated training sessions, a stipend of $1500, and leadership and speaking opportunities.

Apply to be part of the 2020-21 Cohort here. Applications are due on November 11, 2020 by 5pm.



The Cohort will be selected through an application process. INCS seeks 15 charter public school teachers to participate in this pilot 9-month program which will start in January 2021.  The training sessions will cover:

  • Advocacy
  • Education data and statistics
  • Educational equity
  • Social media
  • Communications strategies



  • To elevate the voices of charter school teachers
  • To increase the visibility and prestige of charter school teachers
  • To connect charter school teachers from around the state and create a network of teachers who successfully advocate for themselves, their students and for their schools
  • To create leadership opportunities for charter school teachers



Activity Tentative Date
Application launch 10/21/2020
Applications due 11/11/2020
Cohort members contacted by phone 12/9/2020
Cohort members publicly announced at the Charter Excellence Awards Ceremony December 2020
TLC Session Launch January 2021
TLC Sessions Conclude July 2021


Session Topics

  • Charter schools 101 with Howard Fuller
  • The Legacy and Challenge of Educational Equity in the US
  • School Data and Storytelling
  • Charter School Communications and Messaging
  • The Art of the Social Influencing
  • The Politics of Education and Importance of Legislative Advocacy


For more information: Contacts the INCS Director of School Support, Allison Jack, at ajack@incschools.org