Teacher Leadership Cohort

The INCS Teacher Leadership Cohort (TLC) is launched!

To build the capacity of charter public school teachers to advocate for themselves, their students and their schools, INCS created the Teacher Leadership Cohort. The TLC aims to support the commitment and drive of charter teachers by providing leadership development opportunities to help them to amplify their critical voices.

The TLC will include six professionally moderated training sessions, a stipend of $1500, and leadership and speaking opportunities. Trainings begin in January.

From a robust applicant pool of over 50 charter teachers, the following 15 teachers have been selected for the inaugural cohort of the Teacher Leadership Cohort.

2021 Cohort Members

  • Donella Austin – Catalyst Charter Schools
  • Ronda Bundy – Robertson Charter School in Decatur
  • Erika Douglas – Moving Everest Charter School
  • Yvonne Glenne – CICS Prairie
  • Pedro Gonzalez – Instituto
  • Emily Johanson – Providence Englewood
  • Yesenia Juarez – Namaste
  • Traci McCullough – CICS Bucktown
  • Lupita Ramirez – Erie Elementary Charter School
  • Jeffrey Muhammad – Urban Prep
  • Jacqueline Romo – Chicago Math & Science Academy
  • Lindsey Serbus – LEARN 6 at the Great Lakes Naval Station in North Chicago
  • Patrick Sullivan -Chicago Collegiate
  • Alfreda Talbot-Lovemore – Chicago Collegiate
  • Kelly Wedlake – Perspectives IIT Math and Science Academy


The objectives of the TLC are:

  • To elevate the voices of charter school teachers
  • To increase the visibility and prestige of charter school teachers
  • To connect charter school teachers from around the state and create a network of teachers who successfully advocate for themselves, their students and for their schools
  • To create leadership opportunities for charter school teachers


Session Topics will include Charter History, Funding, and Rationale, the Legacy and Challenge of Educational Equity in the US, School Data and Storytelling, Charter Communications and Messaging and Reaching New Audiences.

For more information: contact the INCS Senior Director of School Support, Allison Jack, at ajack@incschools.org.