Case Manager

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The Case Manager is a member of the leadership team, and will play a critical role in supporting high school students achieve academic success.

Position Title: Case Manager
Reports to: School Director / Director of Student Services

Key Competencies / Duties:

Lead or support case management for students with individual education plans.
Plan with domain teachers to provide differentiated instruction that supports every student’s success.
Teach with domain teachers to provide differentiated instruction that supports every student’s success.
Share effective instructional practices with colleagues through modeling and professional development.
Support assessment of students for the purpose of intervention development and progress monitoring.
Lead or participate in team meetings focused on determining and/or assessing individual student learning needs and responses to intervention.
Design and deliver academic interventions to individual students and small groups.
Develop strategic approaches to supporting the academic and social needs of students with individual education plans in an inclusive environment.
Provide individual and group interventions designed to enhance student learning and achievement.
Collaborate with related service providers to prepare for mandatory student 3-year evaluations to determine eligibility for special education services. Prepare documentation, schedule, and facilitate the eligibility determination meeting with student, family, and school personnel.
Review IEP documentation and guide special education teachers in meeting IEP development requirements, including transition planning within ISBE Indicator 13: Secondary Transition.
Link students/families to and collaborate with community/government agencies in order to provide services to students transitioning to post-secondary education, employment, independent living, and community integration. Facilitate parent meetings.
Work closely with grade academic/college counselors to determine the appropriate post-secondary education/employment placement for students with significant needs.
Manage and collaborate with special education teachers to develop and provide post-secondary transition programming services to students 18-21 years of age.
Lead and/or support adult learning about students’ individual learning needs and how to make appropriate modifications and accommodations.
Ensure that appropriate modifications and accommodations are provided to every student with an individual education plan on a daily basis and during mandated testing.
Support efforts to identify and support students without individual education plans who are struggling academically and socially.
Contribute expertise to the Response to Intervention team as a regular participant.
Develop systems for monitoring and documenting interventions and student progress.
Ensure that the campus is in compliance with all federal and state regulations regarding student with disabilities.

All CEP Staff Members Must:
Have strong knowledge and skills in their content area and in the art of teaching.
Have an unwavering commitment to serving others – students, families, teammates, our communities, the greater good.
Give and receive feedback, and be open to coaching, mentoring, partnerships.
Embody a growth mindset in both their professional and personal lives.
Be helpful, hard working and self-motivated – always willing to go the extra mile.

Job Qualifications:
direct experience with management of and instruction for transition programs.
minimum of 5 years teaching experience in special education.
experience building partnerships with communities agencies, small businesses, etc.
IEP case management experience.
outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
demonstrated ability to build positive relationships with students, parents, colleagues, community agencies, businesses, etc.
demonstrated ability to initiate and complete projects, work independently and as part of a team, meet deadlines, resolve problems, etc.
demonstrated ability to support school wide programs and initiatives.
flexibility, a positive attitude, resourcefulness.