Diverse Learning Instructor (5-6 grade) – Alain Locke Charter School

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Alain Locke Charter School is currently looking for a Diverse Learning instructor for 5-6 grade students.

POSITION SUMMARY: The primary responsibility of the Diverse Learning Instructor (5-6) will be to provide direct reading and math instruction as well as resource services. Additionally, the Diverse Learning Instructor will collaborate with a general education teacher or multiple teachers to plan and facilitate lesson plans, create assessments and make sure the needs of diverse learners are being met in the general education classroom without having those students feel singled out.


Set goals for the individualized education plan that are achievable and comparable to a student’s peers in accordance with the State of Illinois IEP guidelines.
Work collaboratively with case managers, counselors, and general education teachers to determine instructional and social needs of students that ensure success while also participating on the multidisciplinary team to promote students’ wellbeing.
Maintain accurate and confidential records of all assigned students in order to review and revise student IEPs.
Collaborate with general education classroom teacher, developing lesson plans, writing reports, and monitoring student progress. Assist with modifications and strategies for including the inclusion student as much as practical.
Provide information, support, and communication with parents and families. This includes referral information to community agencies.

Minimum Qualifications:

A bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution of higher education
A valid teaching license issued by the Illinois State Board of Education, endorsed in LBS1
Alain Locke is one of the country’s most successful charter schools. The mission of Alain Locke is to serve as a demonstration for urban schools exemplifying excellence in academics, the arts, personal, and social development, and producing students who are globally competitive.