ESL Teacher- Betty Shabazz International Charter Schools

Posted on: July 20, 2023 | |

Job Description: ESL Teacher

Betty Shabazz International Charter Schools is seeking a dedicated and qualified ESL Teacher to join our team. As an ESL Teacher, you will play a crucial role in instructing students whose first language is not English and helping them achieve grade-level proficiency in all academic areas through the English Language Proficiency Standard Course of Study.


1. Develop Lesson Plans and Instructional Materials: Design and create engaging and effective lesson plans and instructional materials tailored to the needs of English language learners. Utilize various resources and teaching methods to ensure students’ understanding and progress.

2. Provide Individualized and Small Group Instruction: Offer personalized attention and support to students by providing one-on-one and small group instruction to address their specific language learning needs effectively.

3. Collaborate with Classroom Teachers: Work closely with classroom teachers to support English language learners’ access to grade-level content. Collaborate in implementing strategies that scaffold their learning and ensure their success across different subjects.

4. Evaluate Students’ Academic and Social Growth: Assess students’ progress in language proficiency, reading, speaking, listening, and writing English. Maintain accurate records of their development and prepare progress reports for parents and school administrators.

5. Participate in Curriculum Development Programs: Actively contribute to curriculum development programs and initiatives, sharing insights and expertise to enhance the ESL program’s effectiveness and relevance.

6. Engage in Faculty Committees and Student Activities: Participate in faculty committees and contribute to the school’s positive and inclusive environment. Support the sponsorship of student activities to encourage a sense of community and engagement among students.

7. Stay Current with Language Instruction Methodology: Continuously update your knowledge of language teaching methodologies and best practices to improve instructional techniques and provide the most effective language learning experience for students.


– Bachelor’s degree in Education, ESL, Linguistics, or a related field (Master’s degree preferred).
– Teaching certification or licensure appropriate for the state or country of employment.
– Proven experience in teaching English to non-native speakers and helping them achieve language proficiency.
– Strong understanding of English language structure, grammar, and vocabulary.
– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with students, teachers, parents, and school staff.
– Ability to differentiate instruction to address individual learning needs.
– Patience, empathy, and a passion for working with diverse student populations.
– Familiarity with language assessment tools and methods for tracking students’ progress.
– Commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students.

This is a challenging yet rewarding opportunity to make a significant impact on the academic and social growth of English language learners. If you are enthusiastic about teaching and helping students succeed, we encourage you to apply for the position of ESL Teacher at Betty Shabazz International Charter Schools.